Energised BCAA’s


Energised BCAA’s


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TOP ATHLETE ENERGISED BCAA’s is a formulation that has been produced to assist in performance and recovery with additional benefit of packing on lean muscle and fat reduction.

It provides 5.7g of BCCA’s combined with Glutamine and citrulline Malate to promote protein synthesis and muscle repair.

ENERGISED comes in the most scientifically researched ratio of 2:1:1 Leucine, Isoleucine to Valine. Not only providing the powerful punch of BCCA’s to the body, Glutamine and Citrulline Malate are present to help in reducing muscle soreness and fighting fatigue.It is also useful for people on busy schedules in non-exercise periods as it helps increase performance, combats dehydration and energy efficiency.

Use ENERGISED to Train Harder & Recover better during your next workout.


Add 10g to 200-300ml water, mix till dissolved and consume during workout.


Leucine, Iso-Leucine, Valine, Glutamine, Citrulline Malate, Citric Acid, Flavour, Sweetener (Sucralose)


Contains milk, soy (as lecithin), and their products

Energised BCCA


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